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Ultimate GO Wild Last Minute Packing List

It's almost here! We are officially seven days out from the start of the fourth annual Wild for Planners GO Wild Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada! In my last post we talked about five things you do NOT need to pack for Go Wild. In this post, you'll find a curated list of items you absolutely MUST pack into your suitcase!

Start the car for a Target run & thank your past self for signing up for Amazon Prime, because it's time to do some shopping!


1. A cute but practical conference bag

While we (usually) receive a GO Wild branded bag at check-in, I personally prefer to bring a different bag to use during conference sessions. My reasoning behind this is simple: 1300+ people are getting the same exact bag. When you're snatching up your things at the end of the sessions to race to the elevators, you don't want to grab the wrong bag or have someone else grab yours. I have used this backpack from Amazon for the past 3 conferences I have attended. It's branded as a diaper bag, but who cares? It has insolated side pockets for your water bottle, a wide, deep main section for your swag & personal items, and a smaller (insolated) outside pocket for snacks and your phone. The best part, in my opinion, is the zippered access panel on the back. This allows you to easily access the things at the bottom of your bag without digging! Brilliant!

2. Comfortable walking shoes

My first conference I severely underestimated how much walking I would actually be doing. I assumed that since I would be sitting in the conference room for half of the day that any shoe would be sufficient. This was not the case.

One of my favorite things about Go Wild is the amount of free time we have to explore. The actual sessions usually end around noon. This allows for ample time to do some of the touristy things on your list. If you're going to be walking the Strip, you need some comfortable shoes that will be cute while keeping your feet comfortable and cool. Old Navy flip flops might not cut it.

I recommend Sanuk yoga slings. They feel like you're walking on a yoga mat (because you actually are) and come in a bunch of cute colors. I've had the black for several years, but I'm going to pick up the grey tiki or the iris rain for this trip. Which pattern do you think I should get?

3. Walking mini-pharmacy

This one is a must-have for me in every day life. I keep mine in my purse and I refill it as needed. In my walking mini-pharmacy I keep the over the counter meds I use the most as well as ones that I use from time to time that when I need them, I NEED THEM.

I found this leopard case in the Meijer clearance section YEARS ago, but you can also find it here on Amazon. Any case will do, really. I used some stickers by Krissyanne Designs to make some labels, and voila! I like that I can change out my sections as needed. This year I am going to be taking some Vitamin B supplements to help my stomach adjust to being off my normal diet and the probable dehydration that inevitably comes with Go Wild for me every year.

4. Prescriptions in multiple places To go along with the mini-pharmacy, I highly recommend keeping one day's worth of your prescription medications separate from the rest. If something happens to your luggage, carry-on, or purse, you will have the emergency prescription stash to hold you over until you can make it to a Vegas pharmacy.

5. PooPourri. Yep. I said it.

Do you have ... um ... stage fright? Do yourself and your roomies a favor and pick up a bottle of this nose-saver.

6. Something shimmery, glittery, and over the top

Bring out your inner Vegas! You're going WILD, after all! Treat yourself to a glittery mani/pedi. Or maybe a glittery dress for a night out is more your style! I personally don't like much attention on me, so I'm planning on packing some knockout earrings or necklace to add some glam to an outfit. Whatever your idea, now is the time to GO for it! 7. A serious moisturizer

You have heard about the dry heat in Vegas. Don't let it suck the life out of your skin! For as long as I can remember I have had eczema, but with oily skin. It wasn't until my 29th birthday last year when my skin did a complete 180 and became dry, but without the eczema. Weird, right?

CeraVe moisturizing cream feels luxurious and blends right into my skin, leaving it supple and ready to keep my makeup nice and smooth!

8. SPF

This cannot be stressed enough. PROTECT YO SELF. Sun Bum is my favorite because of the ease of application, fragrance, and the fact that there's never that greasy feeling. Don't forget to protect your lips! I also use their lip balm when I'm going somewhere sunny for extra protection!

9. Portable chargers

Yes, plural. We chatted a bit about this in my previous post, but you will need two. You will be Instagramming constantly as well as keeping up with swag drops in the app and in the ticketholders group. Don't miss out on anything!

10. Share your location with your roommates

Stay safe, llamas.

While this isn't neccesarily a "packing" item it is a very important part of your Go Wild preparation. iPhones come with an app called "Find my Friends" where you can temporarily share your location with specific people. Android users can download the app as well!

When you share your location, the person you share with can see where you are in real time. The other person will have to share their location with you in order for you to see them in the app. This could save lives.


Is your Amazon cart full yet, or are you getting your shoes on to head to Target? All of these items/tips will help prepare you for a comfortable, exciting, and safe trip to Vegas in SEVEN short days! Comment below with tips, tricks, and items I have forgotten!

I can't wait to see you there!


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